Sharing a Rental Idea for Your Shoot

Last month, I had the honor of attending the Houston area’s Armed Forces Day Military Ball with my husband and son, both of whom are in the U.S. Coast Guard. As excited as I was about attending, I was not quite as excited about finding the perfect gown, if such a thing existed. Shopping for a dress just felt like stress for me: the crowds, the overwhelming choices, the price tags, the salespeople, more crowds. So, I sought an alternative for purchasing an expensive gown.

Using a good old-fashioned Google search, Rent the Runway appeared on my screen and the quest began. I was able to view colors, sizes and accessories; I read through previous renters’ experiences with certain dresses; I discovered that not only could I rent the size I thought I’d need, but also a size larger FOR FREE just in case. My shipment arrived the day before our ball in a large box. I’ll admit, it felt a little like Christmas morning!

After trying on both sizes and really understanding how the gown would move and function depending on what activity I was doing (standing, sitting for dinner, etc), I was confidant I’d not only look good, but would feel good, too. The accessories I chose from Rent the Runway’s suggested list (earrings and a bracelet) were perfect additions to the complete look. After our wonderful evening, I simply put all of the rented items into a postage-paid package and dropped it off the next business day at UPS.

Carey Anne PhotographyCarey Anne PhotographyCarey Anne Photography

Rent the Runway is not only great for events, I will be suggesting this option to my clients for shoots as well! Need a fancy outfit for our time together, but don’t want to purchase a dress? Rent it for your shoot and then go out to dinner afterwards! You’ll look great and will feel great about the price and convenience!!

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