My Creative Client’s Approach to Sharing Her Story

Working with my clients is more than just a session. It’s a collaboration from start to friendship.

Carey Anne Photography Wall Idea

After seeing her daughter’s proofing gallery, Beth, my creative and oh-so-smart client/friend, sent me a quick photo of the wall she was considering for a few favorite images. She used my custom wall grouping visual as the foundation for her vision and paired 16X24 inch gallery wraps with framed prints.
Beth shared this idea with me this week: Use the wrapping paper from your order when making your wall grouping templates.

Carey Anne Photography Wall Grouping Idea

After your session, you’ll have your images, your final products, your custom wall grouping design AND your template paper.

Carey Anne Photography Wall Idea

Beth created a gorgeous story of her daughter, which I will share in a later post.
How will YOU share your life as art?