a glimpse inside my home & my favorite product

I have 5 children. Yes, 5. It’s a blast and never boring and I always have at least ONE child that’s willing to be my posing subject. I’m not at a loss of images to use for our home decor, but I found myself at a loss of all 5 children with the same background. Using the children’s personalities as focal points became my objective and I used a simple mosaic pattern.

Choosing gallery wrapped canvas as my print product was easy for me. I don’t need a lot of glass in my home with three boys (think football games in the foyer or thrown from upstairs) and didn’t want the added decision for a frame.

carey anne photography gallery wrap

Here’s what I see EVERY time I pass these images in my foyer:

My oldest son with his favorite shirt giving me that “I don’t want to smile” expression. I instantly remember the location scouting afternoon and the crazy, tall weeds we had to walk through to get to the wall. He actually suggested I take the shot while leaning against the wall.

My oldest daughter with her gorgeous blue eyes and her all-knowing expression. Again, I remember the location scouting afternoon and how nasty the nearby dumpster smelled, but we loved the blue door as a background.

My youngest daughter with her bronzed Hawaiian skin and her confidant, “here-I-am” expression. We were on the same location scouting afternoon with my oldest daughter and even though she was pretty much tired of seeing me with my camera, she relaxed into who she really is inside.

My oldest twin son with his entertaining smile and his hair spiked the way he likes. I did a series of images with him giving me different expressions. His face is always beautifully exaggerated, because he’s deaf and although can hear when his cochlear implant devices are on, he interacts with deaf and hearing impaired children at school, so facial expressions are essential for his communication with the world.

My youngest twin son with his quirky smile, his tenacity and his favorite sweatshirt. He has cerebral palsy and can’t smile as big and wide as most children. He is also a little wobbly on his feet, so I chose the brick wall of our home for stability. He also has microcephaly (small head circumference) and I try not to put him next to anyone besides his twin (who also has slight microcephaly) so this feature isn’t as apparent.

I see MY CHILDREN each and every day, even when they are at school. I see them large and lifelike. And every time I pass these gallery wraps, I am reminded of what we experienced while taking the images and why I chose the poses (or non-poses for some) and the backgrounds. These large gallery wraps make me smile and I think it makes my children smile, too, because they see that THEY are my true focal point.

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