Sunday morning + four children = box of donuts

Sunday mornings are supposed to be slow; spent with a thick newspaper and a box of donuts. A family photography session thrown into the routine can make for unhappy children, so I had my work cut out for me at the Bourgeois home. I arrived with a box of warm, glazed donuts in the hopes that these children followed the simple parenting rule I often use: parenting is part bribery.

Our time together was eventful and included uninvited bugs and an ATV mishap, but in the end, I captured a family that enjoys keeping life real. No doubt the girls have heard endless comments about how much they look like their mother. And they do. Their personalities, however, are as different as glazed and chocolate and filled donuts. In this way, each of the children, son Sutter included, have set themselves apart. Together, they make a great family.

Bourgeois Family ~ Thank you for waking up early on your lazy weekend day and for tolerating my every request. You were a blast to photograph and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!