who is carey anne?

Carey Anne Photography

I believe we should celebrate our relationships and share our family’s story. Visual reminders throughout our home keep us strong and grounded and give us reason to smile with our whole heart.

I believe high school seniors should celebrate who they are and how far they’ve come. Each senior has a personal and unique story that should be shared authentically. They have a voice and I believe we should stop to listen.

I believe women should take the time to celebrate who they are and embrace their beauty. As women, our stories are entwined with those around us, but we are separate souls. We should remember that we are enough and we are beautiful.

I believe I need to practice hiding my wireless remote, so it’s not obvious that it’s in my hand.

I believe I should share with you that I have five children and an introverted husband, who all keep me grounded. I invite you to take a peek into our lives in the video below and discover why we call our family a circus. I invite you into our story: